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A Day's Work

Neil's Journal

21st December 2070

I don’t remember much of the night. We were woken at 5am by Mordecai who had gotten us work permits for the broom factory. That way, we can move about and for now, we are safe. Well. As safe as anyone can be in this place.

So we went to work. Mordecai said that we should try and steal some food, the workers are fed fairly well – much better than I had imagined and definitely much better than the actual ghetto inhabitants were. With some help from Mordecai, I got a job in the kitchen and I did indeed manage to get my hands on some food and passed it on to Mordecai’s people.

Splash used her technomancy to take a look at the factory. She says that the brooms we’re making are a representation of some dull programming tasks, something usually left to bots. We are very slowly figuring out how the whole imagery works and what we can and cannot do with it.

There is a hole in the ghetto wall, the resistance uses it to smuggle letters out. Splash has been doing some exploring with the help of a a sprite, something I would understand similar to the ghosts I can call. It found the hole as well and Splash thinks that it might be a backdoor she made during her time at MCT. It leads from Petrovski’s server to MCT and for now, we cannot use it to get out. The sprite died when it tried.

The eviction of the outer ghetto has begun and so has the fighting. Someone actually managed to sabotage the train leaving to Treblinka by blowing up the engine. Mordecai would like to start the fighting here, too, but I’m not at all sure that would be a good idea right now. We don’t stand much of a chance and while I will fight if there is no other way, I think we’re better off right now keeping our heads down.

I admit that this is in part because I’m absolutely terrified. I found it hard to even step out onto the street this morning, I felt very much exposed. If I could, I’d just stay hidden, but I can’t.


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