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 +==== Aillén ====
 +[[http://​​files/​2010/​05/​neo-hippy-cyber-punk.jpg|{{ :​wiki:​npcs:​aillen.jpg?​200|}}]]
 +Aillén O’Brian came to the [[Nest]] because they needed someone who know how to maufacture [[SIN]]s and forge other stuff. With most people SIN-less, that’s an important skill. Aillén lived at the [[Plastic Jungles]] at the time, but when she tried to steal [[Neil]]’s commlink, she was kicked out by the leader of the community she was living with, despite the intervention of her foster-mother.
 +The offer the Nest had to make was way better than living (and probably dying) on the streets and so she agreed to come with them, after some discussion.
 +She is distantly related to [[Conor]] and has a sort of hate-love relationship with [[han|Han Solo]].
 +**March 2071**
 +Aillén has been manipulated by unknown means into giving away several thousand credits. She’s the second person in the Nest this has happened to after [[Liz]]. Neil found the same unusual brain activity Liz showed, vaguely similar to the victims of the [[Matrix Surgeon]].
 +{{tag> NPC human Aillén Nest_people hacker forger}}
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