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   *   ​[[Jasper]],​ the rottweiler of [[Neil]] Munroe   *   ​[[Jasper]],​ the rottweiler of [[Neil]] Munroe
   *   Lug, mean big dog of [[Rox]]   *   Lug, mean big dog of [[Rox]]
-  *   [[Mr. Wrinkles]], ex-[[Rivet]]’s dog, now owned by NetCat +  *   Mr. Wrinkles, ex-[[Rivet]]’s dog, now owned by NetCat 
-  *   [[NetCat]], owned by herself+  *   ​NetCat,​ owned by herself
   *   ​Ruffy,​ [[Maggie]]’s dog   *   ​Ruffy,​ [[Maggie]]’s dog
   *   ​Snautz,​ ex-[[Rivet]]’s dog, now dead   *   ​Snautz,​ ex-[[Rivet]]’s dog, now dead
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