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The Renraku Arcology is the biggest building in Seattle and visible from practically everywhere. It used to be called the Self-Contained Industrial-Residential Environment (SCIRE), and now is the Arcology Commercial and Housing Enclave (ACHE). Built as corporate headquarter for Renraku, it used to house almost a hundred thousand people who never needed to leave the arcology at all, their every need was taken care of.

In 2059, the AI Deus took over, trapped everyone inside and began to make live hell for them, killing all but around 1000 people until the arcology was freed in early 2061. Since then , it belongs to the city of Seattle and is used as a low security prison and a social housing project. Inhabitants work for several corporations as wage slaves, getting only food, shelter and some luxuries if they work hard enough. Volunteers can apply for a slot in the program and have to commit for at least fifteen years. Leaving early is not possible. The arcology is still self-sufficient and critics say it’s a black box the government shoves people in, without any accountability and any way for the public to know what is happening inside. The only thing the public does get to see is the gigantic shopping mall on the first four floors. The two hundred floors above are used to house the actual inhabitants and what is above or below is pretty much anyone’s guess.

August 2071

Lao, Ruckus, Zach and Nebraska infiltrate the Archology to free Cobble. They also pick up Sam along the way and meet Liú.

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