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Bargain Basements

South of the Nest, about thirty minutes with bike or twenty kilometers, along the 208 Avenue NE, once before the great Crash, were some of the most exclusive condoplexes and living quarters for the upper crust. With the crash things went downhill for the area. The buildings were left and decayed, squatters moved and slumlords took over to extort the rent from the inhabitants. Where once one middle class manager lived, three families are living now, heating their water in pots on stoves, since the automatic systems are long gone or stolen.

In the narrow alley of the plexes a squatter market spreads out that has no match in any other plex in the country. The bazaar is build of tents and cheap structures of plastwood and foils and this black market is growing in every back alley, every parking lot, every open space in the streets. It's loud, it's crowded and you better watch your pockets, but it's worth it. You can get everything that can be scrounged or stolen somewhere - gear, weapons, drugs, clothes, food, water, rides. If you would compare it to a flea market, it would be like comparing a whole fucking theme park to a merry-go-round. It's more like one of the big bazaars around the world, like the Thieves Market in Hong Kong or the big bazaar of Marrakech.

The Mafia and the Yakuza fought over the territory in a proxy war between the Crimson Crush for the Mob and the First Nations for the Yak. Some of the Chinese traders from the Rat's Nest have their booth here, trying to sell the stuff the recyclers have found on the Fields, cleaned, repaired or cheaply pimped.

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