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In the early days of the Vietnamese community one of their ingenious entrepreneurs had the idea of opening a bathhouse just a bit down the bank to the Snoqualmie and Crescent Lake. It’s a bit lower than most of the rest of the Nest and in spring it’s sometimes flooded by the melting water that is coming down from the Cascades with the rising temperature.

But it is no bad design. Put on pontoons and anchored with plaststeel cables to the ground it will swim up like a houseboat in those times. The ingeniousness of this design made it possible to get the water out of Crescent Lake and heat it up by a system of pipes they have put under the Fields and that is heated up by the biological decay processes of the garbage that is rotting there and a thermal heat pump that is getting out warm water for free.

The bathhouse is made of several connected containers with wooden sheeting, that offer public bathing service, and another container where a massage parlour can be found. The girls working there are doing massage and are not prostitutes. The Vietnamese have expended their business from the bathing house to a washing center, where they wash clothes and with that they further expanded into a clothing manufacture, where the recycled clothes from the dump get washed, cleaned and sewn to new again.

Together with the restaurant of their community leader that is placed a few meters above on main street level it is, together with the housings, the basis of the Vietnamese community, called Little Hanoi at the Nest.

The Bathhouse is also a place to meet people, talk, chat and relax after a hard days work. Tea is offered if you like.

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