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 +==== Black Flak ====
 +Black Flak are a go [[gangs|gang]] in [[Snohomish]] who protect their neighborhood and keep an eye out for anti[[metahumanity|metahuman]] crime. The [[SSP]] and [[knight_errant|Knight Errant]] consider them vigilantes.
 +**March 2071**
 +Crank and a couple of his friends come to the [[clinic]], Crank takes a kid hostage while drugged out of his mind, a brawl follows and [[negotiations]] between the clinic and the gang are opened. The Black Flak agrees on a partnership with the [[Scrappers]],​ with health insurance for their members thrown in.
 +Known members:
 +  *     ​[[Chopper]],​ gangboss
 +  *     ​[[Crank]]
 +-> [[Gangs]]
 +{{tag> gang go-gang Seattle_gang Seattle_go-gang Black_Flak}}
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