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Blood Rumblers

The Blood Rumblers are a small all-human gang active on and around the Interstate 9 in Seattle. Their colors are red and blue.

In 2071, the Blood Rumblers are having trouble. A scrap with some spirits at their former party ground cost them some members and led to upheaval in the ranks. A couple of days later, their leader was found dead, hit and dragged by several vehicles.

They have invested heavily in Tempo and the war is taking its toll. So much so that the gang has started to take metahuman members. They are also low on money and weapons. And they may just be in Aztechnology’s bad books after two (now former) members messed up a run against Stuffer Shack’s successor. They did destroy a lot of markets, but were less than subtle and a connection to Aztech might be made.

Known members:

  • Cutthroat – Lieutenant

Former members:


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