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View from a Scrying Glass

15th July 2071

Fog wakes up again strapped to the bed, in a lot of pain and heavily drugged. He loses track of time, but when he’s fully awake for the next time, his ribs hurt much less, so he probably was kept unconscious for quite some time. This time, he’s in a wheelchair and again strapped down,Dr Munroe does not want to risk another escape. The good doctor tells him as much and shows him what happened according to the CCTV cameras: Fog escapes from his room and everything happens like he remembers it, but he never reaches the roof. Instead four attendants tackle him and only stop punching and kicking when he’s unconscious.

Rook is brought in and she’s livid that Fog again involved her. She was this close to getting out of the hospital but that’s now off the table. Fog tries to tell her that everything they imagined is real and that he won’t leave her. All this does is make Rook snap, she jumps Fog. The attendants grab her and she gets a beating much harder that necessary to be to subdue her. After Rook’s been taken away, Dr Munroe warns Fog that everything he does will have consequences for Rook.

The others drive in the rough direction the spell is telling Zach to go and after some time, enter a huge forest that is not normally there. The road takes them to an enormous hospital that none of them have ever seen. They ask for Fog and between them, they can come up with his first name, a description and the first letter of his last name. That’s enough to get them an appointment with Dr Munroe, after two hours of waiting. He tells them that Fog has been at the hospital for the last six year and that he won’t get out in the foreseeable future. They try to tell a convincing lie that would allow them to at least see Fog, but fail miserably.

Zach asks if they can write a Get Well-card and Dr Munroe agrees to deliver it, if Fog’s condition allows it. So Zach goes off to the gift shop and choses a card and a candy bar. Since an attendant is following him around to make sure he doesn’t get lost, he ducks into the restroom to cast an illusion spell on the file that he saw on Dr Munroe’s desk. The first spell fizzes out, the next one works, just not like he wanted it to. The file turns into a pumpkin with an audible pop

This at least does something to lighten the tense mood in the doctor’s office – Stanley had tried to pull his narcoject pistol on Dr Munroe, who spotted the movement and has his finger on the alarm button under his desk. No-one acknowledges that they are at a standoff and the tone stays civil, if a bit frosty. The arrival of the pumpkin is a welcome distraction. Jet picks it up and Dr Munroe is confused enough to take his hand off the button. Both Nebraska and Stanley take the chance to jump him. After a short scuffle, they overpower him and take him hostage. He agrees, after a reluctant pistol whipping by Stanley, to take them to Fog. The attendants who’ve been alerted keep their distance at Dr Munroe’s orders to solve this as peacefully as possible.

Fog, meanwhile, has a chat with Crow. His mentor spirit warns him about Rook, he says it’s not exactly a good idea to get her involved. He also helps Fog to free himself, but will not or cannot open the door. A commotion outside gets Fog’s attention and he spots Zach walking towards Dr Munroe’s office. Zach also spots Fog, but doesn’t want to give it away to the attendant still following him around. The others arrive and get Fog out of the room. The first thing he does is punch Dr Munroe as hard as he can, breaking his nose and almost knocking the man out. The others, especially Jet, are pretty uncomfortable with that and with taking the doctor hostage in general, after all he looks and sounds perfectly like Neil. They recognize that he’s their ticket out of here, though.

Despite Crow’s warning, Fog makes a short detour to get Rook. She’s pissed and it takes some convincing, but in the end she comes along. It’s her best shot at getting out of the hospital, she knows that. They make it out of the building without further problems, apparently no-one wants to risk the life of their boss. Before they get into the car, Rook turns round and with a few well-aimed punches and kicks she takes Dr Munroe down. He may or may not be dead, at least he doesn’t move and no-one takes the time to check.

About half-way through the forest, thick fog starts to fill the car. They stop, but cannot open door or windows and the fog rises quickly until they are swallowed by it.


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