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Rusty's Vlog

2nd May 2071

Camera activates. Rusty’s sitting on his bed and he looks like someone worked him over good. From the way he moves it’s clear that the shiner and the fat lip are not the only injuries he has.

I broke up with Liana. I always thought that if you loved someone, it would make up for anything. Solve all problems, kinda. Yeah. Go ahead, laugh. We don’t have all that much in common after all. It’s nobody’s fault, we just don’t really fit. When we did stuff together, way too much was only to please each other. She can’t tell me that she didn’t know that. I was feeling more and more like a liar when we were together and I figured it’s better to end it quickly than to draw it out. Still hurt like hell, both of us. She didn’t see it coming.

I don’t know if she put them up to it and I doubt it, but Anissa and Kay had…words with me about all that. Not exactly a surprise. I gave Kay at least something to remember me, but in the end they had me. And don’t give me that ‘you lost against two girls’-crap. Sam is a fucking tank and Kay’s not much smaller. Anyway. Líng was ready to haul off and kick them out of their beds that very moment. But I can’t let her clean up my mess all alone, so we paid them a visit together with Eric and made it clear that they don’t mess with the Scrappers. This is something between me and Liana and they have no say in it.

Nebraska will be glad to hear I finally figured it out. She says I’m the most fucked up freak she knows. From Nebraska, that’s something. But all she knows are the real freaks, so I guess I’m just way too normal for her.

He laughs and it turns into a coughing fit that’s clearly painful. Camera deactivates


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