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 +[[https://​​photos/​8339576@N04/​4822159867/​|{{ :​wiki:​metainfo:​seattle_location:​caseys.jpg?​400|}}]]
 +Casey’s is a hacker bar in [[Auburn]]. In real life, it looks a bit boring, although they have tried to make it look cool with LED strips and neon tubes all over the furniture. But why spend money on actual decor when you have AR. And there, it’s spectacular,​ with 3D anime playing all over the place and the guests all ready to see and be seen.
 +**March 2071**
 +[[Rusty]] picks up [[Charlie]] DiMaggio here, it’s a regular hangout of hers. [[Zach]] plans another visit.
 +[[https://​​maps/​d/​edit?​mid=151f49VZ0v27uSfLgb_L6trvmxwQ&​msa=0&​ll=47.379754%2C-122.067719&​spn=0.260837%2C0.676346|get directions to Casey’s]]
 +{{tag> Auburn_location night _club}}
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