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Chop Shop

Adventure Log

20th February 2073

the log is edited together from various camera feeds - drones, smart goggles/lenses, car cameras ect. Sound file is here

Mulligan, Stanley, Kira and Sam arrive at the chop shop around midday and park right in front. The jeep is conspicuous no matter what, so why not make things comfortable. After a short discussion, Kira starts bashing the boarded up window and with the third hit, she creates a hole easily big enough for all of them to climb through.

A door that's banging in the wind spooks everyone for a moment, but Mulligan's drones quickly find the source of the noise. The group goes downstairs, checks all the rooms and follows the sound of an EKG to a shabby operating theater where they find an unconscious man. Mulligan can identify the man as Sergeant Alan Kruger, a Lone Star colleague. Stanley, after a quick check, thinks that he probably will not regain consciousness any time soon and if he ever does, he will probably remain in a vegetative state.

The other rooms contain quite a lot of cyberware and spare organs which they start loading into the jeep. Mulligan and Sam stay with the car, Stanley and Kira prepare Kruger for transport. Everything seems to be going well until a lot of things start happening at the same time: a van full of trolls wearing the colors of the Disassemblers drives up to the house, several more trolls kick down the back door, something explodes in the basement and a lot of rats start flooding the corridors.

Kira seals the door to the room she's in by magic, shaping the concrete of the walls. After that, she creates an opening in the ceiling and throws an elemental grenade that fills the ground floor with mist. Mulligan's drones take the trolls under fire, a couple of them make it into the chop shop, one stays with the van and decides to ram the jeep.

Kira almost passes out from the drain of her own spells, but Stanley revives her with a stim patch. She climbs out of the hole, Stanley doesn't make it, probably because he is carrying Kruger. He becomes a target for a grenade thrown by one of the trolls, but he manages to catch the grenade and toss it back, avoiding a very messy end. Kira goes into close combat with one of the trolls and catches several bullets.

Outside, Mulligan gets out of the car, molotov cocktail in hand, while Sam conjures up a spirit. The molotov cocktail sets the van on fire while the spirit suggests to the driver that it's an excellent idea to drive away as fast as possible. After a few seconds, the van explodes in the distance, creating a very cool background to Mulligan tasering herself repeatedly to get rid of all the rats that are climbing on and into her clothes.

Stanley has made it out of the hole and to the exit, Kira is busy hitting trolls and getting shot at. A couple of ghouls have joined the fun, but are way more interested in the trolls than the group. Mulligan drives the jeep into the second, still boarded-up, window, hitting the troll Kira is fighting with. Kira tries and fails to jump up on the jeep's hood, instead she takes a glancing blow from it. She does not get the message that it's time to leave. Stanley and Sam do and get into the jeep, bringing a lot of rats with them.

When it becomes clear that Kira is way too focused on killing her troll, Sam ties him to the tow line and they drive off, dragging the troll along while Kira runs after the car, still trying to hit him.


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