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The Rat’s Nest has a shadow clinic that is above the standards of what you’d normally expect at such a place. Treatment is mostly free for people who live at the Rat’s Nest because everyone pays a monthly sum into health insurance via a non-profit organisation. People from outside the Nest pay for treatment, mostly what they can afford and the clinic has a policy of treating everyone, with no view to gang membership or race or whatever. Stuff like augmentations and other things purely for lifestyle must be paid for by everyone, this is a source of income for the clinic.

Since there is only a small team, the clinic is constantly overworked. But so far they have managed to give the Nest health care that most other squatter communities can only dream of. There is also a converted van that can function as both an ambulance and a mobile clinic. It’s called COW – clinic on wheels.

People at the clinic:

  • Neil Munroe, the Doc
  • Chazz, dwarf med tech and former firefighter
  • Diego de los Dolores, med tech aka Auxdoc
  • Liz “Ducky” O’Hara, nurse
  • Simon, ork med tech
  • Stanley Voynich, street doc


  • Nebraska, trains to be a nurse on the job
  • Whistler, has been taught medicine on the fly by Neil, died in March 2071

December 2070

The clinic is destroyed in a raid on the Rat’s Nest.

February 2071

The rebuilt clinic is destroyed again in a hit on the Rat’s Nest that takes out the hackers’ containers and the bridge as well. The First Nations had been using the Nest as a basis of operations in their war with the Crimson Crush and someone decided to take that away from them.

March 2071 The clinic has been moved to the Valley General Hospital in Snohomish. The Nest has a med station for the small stuff. Stanley has joined the team of the clinic.

Whistler dies after an attempt to free him of his Tempo addiction and the clinic is closed down for several days.

April 2071

The med station is partly destroyed by a spirit.

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Medical Service Providers

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