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Fog's Audios

29th May 2071

[Recording…Chip capacity 99%]

[Start Audio]


[no time stamp]

(The audio starts with moderately distant gunfire and the sound of heavy breathing, Fog’s voice cuts in, sore from smoke and running)

Alright, there’s not much time.
I just hope you didn’t pry this from my cold body, but got it by some other means. In any case: listen!
For spirit’s sake, just listen!
I failed you. There’s no excuse for that.
I fucked things up and you paid the price. But I found you and Crow‘s with me.
We’ll fix this, I promise.
But you must keep fighting!
I’m aware how tempting it is…cutting a deal with that asshole pretending to be our guide. Been there myself.
Don’t fall for his bullshit, keep struggling, keep swinging, tell him to fuck off!
It’s not too late. It never is, remember?
He may think he’s got you hooked with power and promises. Show him he messed with the wrong girl.
Rook, you’re not a piece. You’re a player. You’re a Fighter.
I know you’re still in there. Don’t you dare to give up. As long as I breathe I’ll come for you and if I have to take that fucker down on his home plane!
Okay. Time’s up, I guess…
I won’t let you down, won’t leave you behind.
You’re not alone.
Don’t worry, I gotcha.

[End Audio]


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