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Crank is the typical vigilante, metahuman-society protector or ork-bully, depending on whom you ask, roaming the highways of Snohomish with his gang and who’s not willing to stand by while his friends get lynched by the next Humanis Policlub mob. That his violent approach is giving those mobs a pretty fine excuse for hating orks like him is on the other side of the medal.

But he’s not willing to stand down. His usage of Nitro as a kick to get himself “into the mood” for the shit has gone spinning out of control lately.

March 2071

Crank is treated at the clinic and freaks out, drugged out of his mind on Nitro. He takes a young boy hostage, is almost shot by Diego and gets needled with a narcoject pistol by Stanley. Neil is willing to forget about that little incident, provided the Black Flak agree to negotiate about an alliance with the Scrappers.

Black Flak

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