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 +==== Crash and Burn ====
 +===Neil'​s Journal===
 +**7th March 2071**
 +[[Whistler]] has developed a [[Tempo]] habit and so far, he’s in control, or at least, he thinks he is. Yeah. Well. That usually doesn’t work out so well. And let’s face it, one of these days he is going to show up high at the clinic and then I’m going to throw him out on his ass. He knows that or rather he should. He actually tried to get me to let him use his drug-induced astral sight to diagnose patients because he ‘just knows what’s wrong’. I don’t think so.
 +I got him a [[SIN]]. Pearls before swine, you might say, but I still hope that he gets his act together. He deserves the chance. I think the first thing that’s going to happen is a road trip with [[Cecile]] into [[Tir Tairngire]] and that’s a train wreck waiting to happen. But I can tell them all I want that Tir is a piece of shit in a gift wrapper, they need to see it for themselves. If they can get the money together – Tempo isn’t exactly the cheapest drug there is.
 +When I look at him, I see myself. I was just as convinced that I fully knew what I was doing and that I was in control. I was quite a bit older than Whistler, with much less excuse to be that stupid. The thing is, I laughed at anyone who dared to hint that I had a problem and Whistler is of course doing the same. Well, with him being Whistler, he gets angry. I see no way of stopping this. I could just lock him up, but that’s not going to help. Either he sees that he needs help or he doesn’t, I can’t make him. That I learned the hard way.
 +Whistler is going to crash and burn and I’m going to let him. 
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
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