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Rok's Log

7th August 2071

Fog’s made good on his promise to come and get me. I didn’t believe him and I can hardly believe it now. He got the Scavvies together and some of the people he got to know in the last couple of months and they raised hell at the Rusted Stilettos’ headquarters.

Jerry woke me up, he had heard strange voices and the next thing we know, someone comes barging into my room. Jerry attacked him, went down and I tried to shoot the guy because this deep in Glow City, you don’t wait to ask questions. I missed and I recognized Fog.

I shot at him again, aiming for the head and only his quick reflexes saved him. I wanted him dead in that moment. He’s the reason why I’m in this mess, why I had to make a deal with the Stilettos and with the other Crow to keep alive. I’d be better off without him, nothing to be gained by trusting him again.

But I was dying, too. Still am. Glow City is not kind to anyone’s health and I knew that I’d be dead in a year if I stayed. So, yeah, there was something to be gained by trusting Fog after all, even if it was only until we’re out of Glow City. There was no time to celebrate our reunion and I just grabbed my bag from under the bed and we ran, shooting our way of of there. The Stilettos were not letting me go that easily, they wanted to keep their precious shaman. In the end, we made it out and Fog’s people blew up half of the compound, including the steam engine. That one’s going to mess up the area even more, it ran with spent reactor fuel.

Fog brought me to the Rat’s Nest, of all places. It’s different than I had heard and not a bad place to live. The people there have made me feel welcome, for the most part, I’m getting treatment for the leukemia and, well, there’s hope, I guess.

But still, I made a deal with the other Crow and he won’t back out of it easily. Even if I wanted out and I’m not sure I do. I did well with him, all things considered. Yes, Fog came for me and that is a huge case for loyalty and all the things I used to believe in. But maybe everybody’s falling for the same lies, I taught them well after all.

I don’t know. I just don’t know what to believe and it’s tearing me apart. I’m this close to just walking away from it all, but that wouldn’t exactly solve anything.

I did talk to the toxic spirit who lives in the Nest and if that doesn’t tell you how weird this place is, nothing will. Apparently, she freed herself a while back, right after trying to kill Neil who’s pretty much the leader the Nest doesn’t officially have. He negotiated a peace with her and they seem on pretty comfortable terms. Seeing this, I think I know what drew Fog to this place.

Lao is the only person who knows how I feel. Fog tries, but he doesn’t like to talk or even think about the chance that I’ll either die or turn toxic and how high that chance actually is. But I need to talk about this, it doesn’t go away by ignoring it. You know you have a problem when you need a toxic spirit to remind you that there’s good in the world.


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