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 +==== Crusher 495 ====
 +[[Ork]] watering hole, opened in 2040 and operated by orks ever since. Current owner is Eddy Kosky.
 +[[https://​​maps/​ms?​msa=0&​msid=210473767140301043862.0004e6f4ec47cf1ab9dc6&​hl=en&​ie=UTF8&​ll=47.802087,​-122.061539&​spn=0.221383,​0.441513&​t=h&​z=11&​vpsrc=1&​iwloc=0004e6f4f6811e4ce901c|get directions to the Crusher 495]]
 +{{tag>​Barrens_location night_club}}
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