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Cuckoo's Nest

View From a Scrying Glass

15th July 2071

the hand shakes the bowl that has filled with white fog and after a bit, the water turns clear again and shows pictures

The group wakes up at Christopher‘s lodge, but Fog is missing. Christopher is badly hurt, he tells them that Fog attacked him and has run off. Zach tracks Fog’s commlink, he seems to be on his way to the fertilizer plant. Christopher has already called for an ambulance and Stanley patches him up, after that they leave to look for Fog.

Fog wakes up strapped to a hospital bed. He gets takes to see his phychiatrist, Dr Munroe, who explains that he has been at the hospital for the past six years, suffering from delusions. Apparently he had a setback and again believes that he’s an adept and a scavenger in Glow City, a believe they had worked hard to get rid of. Fog plays along, especially after Dr Munroe tells him that Rook is also a patient an the hospital. The way he tells it, Fog has involved her in his delusions, but she is now cured.

The attendants take Fog back to his room. Since he learned that escape from such an illusion is possibly by dying when the dream eaters caught them earlier, he looks for a good way to die, but first he wants to see Rook. The room is not helpful, but when he gets dinner, Fog simply swallows his spoon. The attendants, according to plan, come in to help him and after a brawl he can make it out of the door. The doors are locked, but hitting the fire alarm helps with that. He makes a run for the common room and gets tackled by several attendants. It’s a close call, but he makes it and gets to Rook.

She isn’t exactly pleased to see him and only asks why he always gets himself into so much trouble. Since it’s clear that she’s not coming, Fog makes his way up on the roof. He hesitates before jumping, but he has no way of telling if this is really an illusion. He takes the chance and has just enough time to regret it before he hits the ground and dies.

Zach has come up with a plan: he is going to use one of the spells he gleaned from Baba Yaga’s spellbooks to locate Fog. Actually he is going borrow Fog’s eyes and then he’s going to track the first unusual or unique thing he seems. They have also figured out that they are in an illusion because Redmond is totally empty of people. Also, they cannot read anything. So they drive to Kiki’s and Zach works his magic. He seems only a white ceiling, but someone with a watch reaches across Fog field of vision to fiddle with the IV and Zach decides to track the watch. He also prepare two more of each spell. The spell tells him the rough direction and they drive off, towards Snohomish.


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