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Dean is an ork and the father of two boys, Sam (six) and Bobby (eight), both of them human so far. Their mother died four years ago, leaving Dean to raise the boys on his own. He is a construction worker, but he had a hard time making ends meet and the money never was enough to pay for all their needs.

One day, child protective services knocked on his door and told him that neighbors had called them because they were worried about the boys. The social worker didn’t find anything that would have allowed her to take the children right away, but Dean knew that she would probably keep trying. So he took the kids and ran.

He and his boys have lived at the Valley General Hospital for two years. Dean takes odd jobs and still does construction work whenever he can, but it’s poorly paid since he cannot provide a SIN. He plays the cello. His wife did and after her death, he took it up as a way to keep a piece of her alive.

April 2071

Dean gets together with Liz.

Valley General Hospital

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