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A Military Statement

10th December 2071

[Start Recording]

Corporal Jonathan O’Neil, debriefing statement, December 10th, 2071


I’ve been on patrol, everything nice and quiet. Dunno exactly what happened then, I got that strange craving for chicken. Far as I knew, Brattack was in the mess hall, fixing something during his 15 minute break, so I figured I’d join him. Seemed to make sense at the time, despite the violation of guard protocol. In hindsight, it might’ve been magic, but I sure as hell won’t shirk responsibility for what has happened, ‘s just my uneducated opinion on what might’ve gone down.

We heard a bang from the lobby and Captain Hammond confirmed the breach, so we got ready for action, as he reported multiple hostiles coming out of the basement. Communications got wrecked shortly after and Private Brattack and myself pinned them down while we correctly assumed Kowalski and Jackson would flank’em. The private and I flushed’em out good, and there was little resistance at that point. We lost contact when they got out of the window, however, despite heavy suppressive fire, so I guess Private Doran can give you a better report of what happened there.


Private Samantha Carter, debriefing statement, December 10th, 2071


Can’t really tell you much, Sir. I’ve been on patrol through the lobby. Didn’t even see him coming. Was just between two blinks and just like that, snap, I’m in a sleeper’s hold. Big guy, ork. Knew what he was doing, probably military or paramilitary background. Tried to com the squad, but I guess whatever send the system haywire also cut my link. Things went dark and next thing I know Sergeant Fraiser kicks me back into consciousness, figuratively speaking and the whole show was over.


Sergeant Janet Fraiser, debriefing statement, December 10th, 2071


Captain Hammond and were posted at the main gate when shit got real. Communications and my own system went haywire, but I only noticed when it was already too late. The squad’s a fine one, though, so response was by the book. I’m proud of them, just so you know and I can only blame myself for letting them down. Our tech’s been either compromised, incapacitated or made unreliable by an outside force beyond the capabilities of our equipment. I’m not talking ‘better than us’ or like someone got the jump on us. Whoever…whatever had its way with my console and base security went through my firewall like it was wet tissue paper and shot down my drones before I could even engage countermeasures.

The Captain and I popped the emergency cover and held the entrance, but attempts at coordination or non baseline verbal commands proved ineffective. We covered Jackson and Kowalski as good as we could and when we realized communications were seriously fucked up, we used the flares.


Captain George Hammond, debriefing statement, December 10th, 2071


I take full responsibility for this mess. My squad did good, despite the disastrous circumstances. Never got a good look at the enemy contacts, I only know they went in pretty silent and had the hell of a matrix backup and a spellslinger. We popped the foam barricades and tried to com for backup, but as you know… that wasn’t an option, so we sent up the flares when things went fubar.


Private Charles Kowalski, debriefing statement, December 10th, 2071


We secured the lobby when we realized there was a perimeter breach. Ran straight into a grenade, luckily for us, that one was only a smoker, thermal, probably, which means whoever did the B&E had a good idea of our outfit, I reckon. Saw 5, probably 6 contacts come spawling out of the elevator. We told’em to surrender, but as if that ever works, right?

Caught a nasty one to the chest, but the armor took most of it and naother one to the head, but I’ve got a hard noggin. Only found out later that we’re all using gel, anyway, including the enemy contacts. Thought it was just an exercise for a while you know? Before the spellslinging and all that.

So, Jackson and I opened fire and bounced those guys from room to room with ‘nades, kudos to Bratty and O’Neil who played along nicely.

Place was smoked up pretty fast. The ‘Nades should have made short work of them, but I guess they had ware or stim packs to keep’em up and running.

We lost contact shortly after, so I can’t really tell you anything more.


Private Daniel Jackson, debriefing statement, December 10th, 2071


We had no confirmation to go Blood on the Dancefloor, so we stuck to gel rounds. We didn’t take much heat, but the few shots zeroed in on us packed quite a punch. We hunkered down and suppressed. Didn’t get to see faces or anything, but there were two orks, both cybered up and someone in a chameleon suit and something that looked like an RCC. They had no drone support, though, apart from a recon drone inside the lobby which we instantly neutralized.

We quickly realized that coms and support were down and advanced when we heard Brattack and O’Neil pin them down next room.

They escaped through a window and Doran was the only one out there.


Private Thor Brattack, debriefing statement, December 10th, 2071


Yeh, I was in the mess hall, trying to get some chicken. Just made my choice yellow teriyaki with extra curry, good stuff when O’Neil came in and said he was hungry. Didn’t think much of it and also didn’t want to rat him out to the Captain. Man’s gotta eat, you know and it’s not like anything would happen, right?

Yeh, well… next thing I know, we’re standing in cover and pop two stunners ‘cause there’s been a breach. Got a good look at some of them. Some girl in a ghost suit and a deck or console, black ork, probably in his 50s, ‘nother black guy, human, young and kinda… off. Guess that was their spellslinger. And some scrawny dude with a large helmet of some sort and another ork with a used cyberarm and a metal jaw, probably on jazz…why are you looking at me like that? I’m a scout, I observe things…


Private Valerie Doran, debriefing statement, December 10th, 2071


Is my dog okay?

I’m serious, I can’t deal with this shit if I don’t… Apologies, Sir! Of course I will tell you what happened, Sir.

Sir Barksalot that’s my dog seemed to have a feeling something was wrong, but there was no indication of a breach of some sort. When Captain Hammond confirmed the attack, I rushed to the backside of the Data storage to cover the exit.

Before I could get into a good position, the enemy contacts made their way through the window. I was seriously outnumbered and outgunned that’s why I broke protocol and did not take the lethality of magic fire into account. I stand by my decision to do so despite there had been no confirmed order for Blood on the Dancefloor.

Those poor suckers tried to hurl a grenade at me, so I gave them a nice return to sender.

That should have been it, between Sir Barksalot’s howling, the flames and a grenade, but they had magic of their own.

My Dog downed two of them, the grenade has been, I assume, telekinetically stopped midway and then lightning started flying, one of them even grabbed their knocked out teammate and smacked my fucking dog with them. That guy used a teammate as weapon, we’re talking this kinda crazy here.

I landed two bursts and far as I can tell, Brattack and O’Neil moved into position for covering fire, as did Kowalski and Jackson. Didn’t get to enjoy that luxury, though. One lightning bolt zipped by me. Close shave, then I got knocked down by two precision shots, cracked a few ribs I guess and another lightning bolt finished me off.

Stim pack didn’t kick in, but I assume the Sergeant already commented on that…


Captain Jonas Quinn, debriefing statement, December 10th, 2071


After the flares went up, we got green light for helo ascent. By the book, Eye 1 and 2 covered North-West and North-East, while we went for the South and did our sweeps. The whole response was half-blind, due to a lack of Matrix support you’re aware of I reckon. Did the sweep with on-board sensors and sight 1.0 and without drone escort accordingly.

The road seemed clear and we were almost ready to change course when there was an irregularity on our sensors – no visual to confirm, but after two more sweeps near a parked off-road vehicle, Armadillo, we pinged something. They probably thought we couldn’t see them, but we could totally see them.

Despite the standing order to use lethal force, if necessary we resorted to contact whoever was hiding and two persons stepped out into our lights. Told’em to hold their position and called in the grunts to handle this. They arrived quickly enough and went through the whole check and interrogation routine. The grunts let’em go and we hit the west. Don’t know what went down, but far as I know, the sergeant responsible probably fucked it up.


Sergeant Cameron Mitchell, debriefing statement, December 10th, 2071


Don’t even try to give me or my squad shit for this.

There was no indication that these two were the people we’re looking for. The whole damn national park was full of fucking hikers and my squad already stumbled over half a dozen of those.

They had no illegal weapons, no personal armor I’d classify as such, proper SINS and were even registered as engaging in recreational activities. I don’t know where the rest of them hid, how their escape vehicle dodged your checks or why we had no stable connection to HQ to actually have a damn clue what was going on. Yes, I had them at point blank range and every opportunity to arrest them. And Yes, I could’ve checked the gun for recently fired shots, or try to call in one of the spellslingers.

Thing is, I decided there was no sane reason to waste time with two hikers with solid background while practically the whole base was dark and everything was about to go south. You can pin this on me, if you want, but I stand by my decisions and you know damn well that punishing me won’t miraculously make the whole clusterfuck go away.



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