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 +==== Dee ====
 +Dee is a young hacker who seriously pissed off the wrong people and is now hiding at the [[Nest]] to avoid getting killed for it.
 +[[http://​​title/​tt1553656/?​ref_=fn_al_tt_1|{{ :​wiki:​npcs:​dee.jpg?​200|}}]]
 +**June 2071**
 +Dee starts to produce [[simsense|SIMsense]] clips of, among others, [[Rusty]] and earns pretty well selling those. Rusty finds out and trashes her container as a gentle reminder to fucking respect the privacy of other people. She also pisses of a lot of other people at the Nest, with the result that no-one is willing to work with her. 
 +**February 2072**
 +She loses another job when [[Glitzy]] leaves the Nest and no longer provides safehouses that need to be prepared. ​
 +{{tag> Dee NPC human hacker Nest_people}}
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