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Diego is in his thirties and had been working for DocWagon until the corporate battle between DocWagon and CrashCart took place, since then he got run over by events, had to drop out of his job and after months of struggling for survival he stranded in Neil‘s shadow clinic. Not a real doctor, he is the typical meat mechanic you’d find at the operating table of the average shadow clinic. While not a match for Neil, he’s fully capable of dealing with trauma surgery and minor infections that are most of the daily work at the clinic.

He started his career at the military, fighting in the Yucatán wars as a field medic. Sometimes he has flashbacks and drops out of the daily routine, to fight ‘some demons’. He is usually closed up and only rarely opens himself to questions.

Working with Neil made him a better medic than he ever was and he is now even able to perform small implantation jobs and maintenance duty on cyberware. As a Latino, he’s a member of one of the minorities in the Nest, but speaks English and Spanish fluently, with Cantonese he can get through with cityspeak.

He doesn't live in the Nest but squats somewhere else, for reasons he never has told anybody about, nor has anybody seen his place (except Neil).

Whatever, if you look too deep into histories of the people living in the Nest you may sometimes suddenly find yourself sick with a sudden outbreak of death. So no questions asked.

June 2071

Diego begins a relationship with Selma, after Simon spelled it out for him that Selma has been trying to flirt with Diego for months now. They have a lot in common and Diego finds himself trusting her a lot after a short time. He also asks Neil for formal training to become a doctor, as far as this can be done at the clinic, and Neil gladly agrees.

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