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 +==== Doing the Laundry ====
 +===Fog'​s Audios===
 +**15th March 2071**
 +[Start Audio]
 +[no time stamp]
 +The good thing about being me is, even when I screw up, my magic and body just give me a scowl and a grumpy nod and clean up the mess I’ve caused. \\
 +After an hour I was on my feet again, perfectly healed up and running. \\
 +Decided to charge my bike and get some snacks at the [[Stuffer Shack]]. \\
 +Another crappy day working overtime for me. \\
 +Of course it was THIS Stuffer Shack that got robbed right now. \\
 +And to add injury to insult, [[Jet]] and [[Nebraska]] were right in the middle of it. \\
 +On the bullet receiving end. \\
 +Four fuckers. \\
 +One in the car, two in the shop and one on guard. \\
 +He spotted me and definitely looked like he wanted to play hardball. \\
 +I let the engine roar and went all action-hero on him. \\
 +Bullets flew past me as I fishtailed and a blink later my bike gave him some full frontal fucking 50/hour crash love. \\
 +I prayed real hard that the windows here were made of ordinary glass; and they didn’t disappoint. While my bike stayed outside, I crashed into the store, took some racks down with me and got coated in sticky pink…stuff. I don’t even wanna know. \\
 +I grunted in anger and disbelief when I saw that the thug under my bike was still conscious. \\
 +Fuckin’ [[ork|orks]]. What takes those people down for spirits sake? Direct meteor hits?! \\
 +Nothing a quick comlink command switching on my anti-theft wouldn’t fix. A few thousand Volt are pretty convincing. \\
 +I didn’t see Jet right now, but I heard the unmistakeable roaring bark of a shotgun a few rows further. \\
 +One more behind the counter. Gotta take him out or Jet’d be in serious trouble. \\
 +A quick slide, and a bullet caught in my suit, a grab to get that drekhead to my side of the counter and… \\
 +Fuck. \\
 +Slipped. \\
 +I was still slimed and now an ideal target. \\
 +Think fast, be resourceful,​ that’s what I’ve been taught. \\
 +A cybernatic arm was holding the heavy pistol. \\
 +He missed me. \\
 +Karma, baby! \\
 +That was my chance. \\
 +You see, a tag eraser is a nice little toy. Gets rid of all kinds of bugs. \\
 +And roasts unshielded devices. Most [[cyberware]] is protected, but sure enough the EMP would mess with this guy’s systems. \\
 +And it did. He got some spasms in his arm and let go of his gun. \\
 +Now we were on Western Pain Time and it was [[Fog]] o’ Clock! \\
 +Few seconds later, he hit the floor hard with my arm around his throat. Few more and his lungs had a nice flavor of elemental smoke. \\
 +Jet and Nebraska hat some trouble, but ultimately they brought down the other guy. \\
 +Again, Jet’s chest had an unhealthy appetite for some shrapnel. He wasn’t as lucky as last time, but [[Zach]] and our [[Stanley|Doc]] showed up in time to let him cheat death. \\
 +The last ganger outside in the car was smart enough to get the hell outta this, as he saw his chummers take a beating. \\
 +And we…well, we were community heroes…kinda?​ \\
 +That kid behind the counter and his girlfriend were glad this was over and let us take all the stuff we wanted… \\
 +Take what you can get, right? \\
 +The day still had some hours left. \\
 +With Jet bleeding all over the place, but stitched up properly in the clinic, Nebraska spilled the beans and told us what she and Jet were up to: \\
 +Some good old B&E. \\
 +Small window, both literally and figuratively. \\
 +But still doable. \\
 +With a good ad lib plan, we drove there, got in not quite as silently as we wanted, but we did anyway. \\
 +A laundry. \\
 +What a classic! \\
 +Wait, the point is still coming up. You’ll get it eventually. \\
 +So we got in there, Nebraska, with some remote help from Jet cracked a frickin’ old school safe and we made some easy money without any problems whatsoever! \\
 +… \\
 +… \\
 +Nah, just kidding. \\
 +We were royally fucked, of course. \\
 +This place belonged to the [[Yakuza|Yaks]]. \\
 +A laundry. What else. \\
 +They used the place to clean dirty money. \\
 +Seriously, we need a secretary to keep track of the big players we keep pissing off. \\
 +We grabbed the gear stored in there, some nice gadgets like grenades, Scorpions… \\
 +Oh, and money. Just enough to piss them off, but not enough to go all ‘Ninja: Path of Vengeance VII’ on our sorry asses. \\
 +And once again we were hot and on the run. \\
 +Fuck my life. \\
 +[End Audio]
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Adventure_Log Fog's Audio Fog Nebraska Jet Stanley Zach}}
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