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Ela's Log

24th March 2071

We were hiding for a couple of days at the fertilizer plant and then people came to take us to the Rat’s Nest where the girls now live. The fucking Rat’s Nest. But the people seem okay and the girls wouldn’t stay there unless it was better than what everybody says. I didn’t even get there, though. The doc of the Nest took one look at me and for a moment I thought he was just going to geek me. Instead, he took me to see his girlfriend, Glitzy. She lives somewhere in the woods, really out of the way. Neil said that anyone who can see auras can see what I am and that I can learn how to hide. Glitzy pretty much freaked when she saw me and called me a worm. Hey, no need to be rude here. But I think it was just the shock. She calmed down after a while and explained to me that I was what people call a drake and I think that sounds much better than worm. She was looking sick, though, and I called Neil. But he couldn’t find what was wrong and finally he and Glitzy decided that it was just my magic. Maybe I did something by accident, I don’t know what, though. When I really want to, people do what I tell them, but I never knew that this was magic. I can do it even without speaking…I tried that on Neil and he let go of Glitzy’s hand like I told him to. I just didn’t think before trying that, I’m such an idiot. He wasn’t angry at me, though. I could see that he was worried, but he left us alone again.

I showed her how I look changed and she loved it. It’s awesome to be a dragon and not have people freak out about it. Anyway, she told me that I had to do a ritual to learn how to hide my aura and that both she and Neil could teach me how to do it. I talked to Neil, too, and I asked him to teach me. I don’t want to hurt Glitzy or her babies and she’s always a bit tense and even has cramps when I come near her. She told me that those rituals can get out of control, so I guess Neil’s the better choice. I don’t have any effect on his magic.

Glitzy is a bit afraid that Neil’s magic will fuck up. I don’t know what her deal is with that, just because he’s a guy and I look fuckable? It’s kind of what happened with them, I think, but come on, the magic was just making them do what they already wanted. They way Neil looks at Glitzy – I could prance around the room naked and he wouldn’t do anything. If she doesn’t know that, she really needs her brain checked.

Right now, I’m working on Glitzy’s garden with Dawn. Glitzy allowed her to stay her and it’s the first time we have some time alone together…although the house is a bit crowded with Glitzy, her son Fynn, Neil, Zach and Fog.

But we can go outside and no-one minds. I used to hate working in the garden at the Sanatorium, but here, it’s cool. I have blisters from digging but we’ve already made a vegetable patch that Glitzy can use when it’s warmer. And we found a really old rosebush behind the greenhouse, all grown over by other plants. We cut them back and propped up the bush, I really want to see how its flowers look.

Neil said that we’ll start the ritual tomorrow. Glitzy has a sauna and we’re going to use it as a sweat lodge, like the people in the NAN do. Neil’s a shaman and it’s his way, but he says that it should work for me, too. Maybe I’ll have a vision or something, that would be cool. I’m a bit scared that I freak or that my magic freaks, but Neil says we’ll be okay. He did get a fire extinguisher, though. Not stupid, that man.


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