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Ela or rather Elanil, as she was named by her parents, was born in Portland in Tir Tairngire. She lived there until she was a teenager, bullied in school and not getting along very well with her parents. She was with her boyfriend when she first changed into a small dragon, as much to her surprise as to his. He tried to kill the beast in a panic and Ela just ran. She was so freaked out that she just grabbed a couple of things from home and them left, making her way to Seattle over time. There, she eventually joined the Working Girls, a group of girls who worked together to survive on the street.

She is a drake, meaning she can transform into a dragon, with a body covered in stiff feathers and in the overall colours of her hair (or the other way around). Her wingspan is about six feet and she can breathe fire. The feathers on the tip of her tail hide a venomous sting. When she’s in human form, her eyes are the only hint of what she is, they are quite golden, like those of a lizard. For anyone good enough at aura reading, she can be recognized as well.

March 71

Ela went missing early in the month and was freed from the Maria Magdalene Sanatorium a few weeks later. For now, she’s staying at the farmhouse.

April 207

Ela started working at the school of the Rat’s Nest. She and Dawn built a tree house to live in on Glitzy’s property.

August 2071

Ela takes part in the Rusted Stilettos run to save Rook

October 2071

She decides to try out the scavvie life. Fog already told her that she’s well suited for it after the Rusted Stilettos run and is glad to take her along.

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