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Emma Ainley

When returning from a short, yet fruitful trip to London, Neil brought some souvenirs, but this woman was even more curious than the dog made of living wood he had in tow when he got back.
She’s in her late 40s but acts a good deal younger, especially when she can’t hide her amazement at everday technology.
To be fair, though, that amazement swung her way too, when she demonstrated how her focus, an old fashioned spade imbued with powerful magic, could move earth like a fricking excavator.
The adept seems oddly content with construction work, though.

Otherwise, she’s a quiet fellow (some would say unfortunately, as that means the people around her get to hear her adorable cockney accent less often) until she had a drink or two. At that point, she spins a lot of good critter and ghost stories, of fantastically frightening hunts and occult secrets… which can’t be true, right?

Emma adapted pretty quickly to the life on that very special landfill, with fast progress probably fueled by her magic abilities as well as stoic pragmatism.

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