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 +==== End Run ====
 +===Fog'​s Audios===
 +**30th June 2071**
 +[Start Audio]
 +[no time stamp]
 +We did it.\\ 
 +We’re home.\\ ​
 +And we’re filthy rich.\\ ​
 +Only my stoic pragmatism makes me accept all this without laughing for a week straight.\\ ​
 +Oh, yes, sure, things got crazy at the end.\\ ​
 +I jumped on a police car, a police car [[stanley|Stan]] then friggin’ RAMMED!\\ ​
 +[[Nebraska]] and I cannonballed my bike through a mall, I got shot, yet again, we stole a horse trailer ‘cause our rides were hot, while our doc dumped the RV in a lake.\\ ​
 +THEN we had to go Black Ticket on the Hudson river, but we fucking made it!\\ 
 +We also found out that [[Jet]] isn’t a street kid but a drop-out corporate brat and Stan’s the kind of doc who won’t waste your precious tasty organs when you die on his table.\\ ​
 +But who gives a fuck who my people once were?​\\ ​
 +We’re all alive.\\ ​
 +It feels so good that all this paid off.\\ ​
 +Still, there’s much ahead… I have to talk to so many different people it makes my head swirl.\\ ​
 +I gotta take care of the [[fertilizer plant|chemical plant]] as I promised I would, I need to help [[Neil]] with [[Esmeralda]]’s legs, I need to sort things out with those Gypsies and… I gotta to prepare.\\ ​
 +There ain’t no rest for the wicked and even less so for me.\\ 
 +[[Glow City]] ain’t gonna wait much longer for me. Each day that passes tips the scales in favor of [[Crow]]’s twisted counterpart.\\ ​
 +You can say what you want, but this trip was only a test, a means to temper and steel us for what’s to come.\\ ​
 +It’s only been three weeks, but me and my people, we grew and it showed that we could lean on each other.\\ ​
 +Most of us, at least.\\ ​
 +Can’t say what lies ahead and how ugly things will get, how hard life will swing its bat or what surprises it throws.\\ ​
 +But I’ll stick to what I’ve said. I’ll get them through this alive.\\ ​
 +[End Audio]
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Adventure_Log Fog'​s_Audios Fog Stanley Jet Nebraska}}
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