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Eric Lamarck

Eric is about twenty years old and a member of the Scrappers. He owns a pickup and spends a lot of time taking care of it, constantly fiddling and tinkering to make it run better. He’s the guy in the Nest who always helps out when it comes to heavy transportation. Rusty is his best friend.

Eric has been attacked by a ghoul and fought the infection. He had asked Neil to kill him if he didn’t make it. Around the 29th December ’70 Eric managed to survive the infection with heavy medical help and a lot of luck. The only traces the infection left on his body were incredibly increased muscles and body stature, making his muscles look like cables and giving him a bulky stature.

April 2071

Nebraska has gotten it into her head to hook up with him and Eric is not very happy about that. She’s persistent, though. They get together for a short time but Eric breaks up with her after a couple of weeks.

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