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Even More Family

Neil's Journal

31st December 2070

I cannot believe I’m writing this: Glitzy and I are going to be parents. Of twins.

Glitzy got roughed up at a party and while I was treating her injuries, I also did a pregnancy test because we already had our suspicions. It turned out we were right. I don’t think either of us has fully realized what has happened, I still feel a bit numb and Glitzy seems the same. She has even more reason to be, though, because after a spirit trip we took (long story, more on that later) she came back with pointed ears, very much an elf. She really is one, a gene test confirms it. I have no idea what happened there, but I do know that it will take some time for her to come to terms with that development.

Our children will be a boy and a girl and the girl will be an elf, too. We chose the name Ciara for her. I wanted to name the boy after Growler, there was just the small problem that I had no idea what his real name was. So I went and asked him and I got a very suspicious look and a runaround answer. When I told him that I really couldn’t name my son Growler, I had the pleasure of the rare sight of an absolutely astounded Growler. He caved and told me that his name is Angus. So Angus and Ciara it is.

There is some risk involved with the pregnancy, because they are twins, because it will take longer than usual and because they are elf and human. I think it’s a risk I can manage, although I predict a lot of lost sleep for me about this. I worry, it’s what I do.

But I cannot wait for the two. I never really wanted children, but now the thought alone is enough to make me smile. I can already see them in Glitzy’s aura, tiny, so small I could hold them both on one finger. Angus and Ciara.


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