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 +==== Family Portrait ====
 +===Fog'​s Audios===
 +**3rd April 2071**
 +[Start Audio]
 +[no time stamp]
 +Gha, that hurts. \\
 +Yeah, I know. Don’t you think I’d like to not open these with growling in pain for a change? \\
 +Mentioned [[Glitzy]] before, didn’t I? \\
 +Kinda remember something like that. \\
 +Heh, I swear to all spirits, she must be some lost sister of mine. Maybe she just did her legwork very well, but we tick surprisingly similar. Hell, she’s even a redhead like me. \\
 +She’s also kinda my [[magic|magical]] mentor right now. Wasn’t very pleased about me choosing the easy way to gain astral sight…and she put great effort into NOT making this easy. Chilli oil…she disinfected me with chilli oil, for crying out loud! \\
 +If you listened to all my whining over the last couple of weeks you frickin’ know what kind of pain I’m used to! \\
 +Only one kind was worse and that says a lot! \\
 +Anyway… \\
 +Ki-foci are a great thing. Bit of a novelty, but the advantage of a tattooed focus is…yeah, it’s kinda hard to steal or destroy that one. \\
 +Now I have an overwhelmingly cool designed Eastern Dragon climbing up my whole back. Which is awesome, yet again surprisingly fitting but on a certain level extremely creepy. Won’t say why. Some things I won’t even tell you. \\
 +Right now I share the room with [[Sister Mary]], who prays a fucking lot. \\
 +Don’t tell her I said fuck… \\
 +Then there’s our old man [[Neil]], who’s hooked up with Glitzy. Her son [[Fynn]]. [[Zach]]‘s also here. And [[Ela]], you know, Fairyfay and her girlfriend. Then there’s that housekeeper AI who has some serious psychological issues and got freaked out by Zach right away. \\
 +We have [[stanley|Stan]] on comlink once in a while, so he’s not too bored. Everyone needs their daily dose of idiocy, I guess. \\
 +[[Rusty]] keeps a low profile, but also helps us stay up-to-date. Seems like that mayor team’s still on our trail, but we’re getting colder by the minute, so… \\
 +They geeked [[Unwired]],​ though…tough shit. But honestly? They had it coming. \\
 +Apart from that? \\
 +I know it won’t last. I have at least three deadly things on my schedule and a long line of drekheads waiting who want to geek us. \\
 +But I Gotta admit…with all the talking, the mutual trust…the breakfasts and laughing with these people… \\
 +Never been this close to having a family, I guess…. \\
 +[End Audio]
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Adventure_Log Fog'​s_Audio Fog Ela Zach Glitzy Neil Sister_Mary Stanley Rusty}}
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