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Fertilizer Plant

The fertilizer plant was attacked by eco-terrorists in 2057 and has been a wasteland since then. People don’t go near it, either do animals, only plants grow lushly here. It’s the only place in Seattle where you can find Kudzu. John Doe has his home here, not by choice but because it’s reasonably safe. Apart from him, the place is populated by earth spirits, some of them toxic, like Ytong.

People you may meet at the plant:

March 71

Fog, Zach and Stanley hide here with half of the girls they freed from the Maria Magdalene Sanatorium for a few days, to escape a spirit search for them. Fog creates a ward around the schoolbus they hide in and later leaves the bus there, inviting the non-toxic spirits to use it.

July 2071

Fog and company start a clean up operation that includes a metaquest. They give Ytong the chance to turn back from his toxic path and he takes it. His sister does not and is destroyed.

August 2071

Fog creates a safe house at the plant for Scavengers.

get directions to the plant

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