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First Lesson

Rusty's Vlog

20th April 2071

Camera activates and records a pool game at the Rusty Barrel. A couple of Scrappers are playing, but Rusty’s content just to watch and take the occasional sip from his beer and cheer Eric on who is one of the players.

I had my first flying lesson today and all the time on the simulator payed off nicely. Glitzy – I need to remember to call her Cameo when we’re there – took me up and showed me a couple of tricks. Stuff I’m in no hurry to repeat, like loops. Badger would skin me alive if I did, anyhow.
And then she let me take over. Fuck, it was amazing. The simulator doesn’t even come close to that feeling. It’s also a lot more confusing in real life, but maybe I was just way too nervous to focus like I do when it’s just a game. She even let me land the plane. By that time, I was already fairly calm again and I didn’t even think twice about it, just brought it down all nice and gentle. But don’t ask me how much I shook afterwards, when the adrenaline wore off.

Badger almost ripped Glitzy’s head off for that. He’s by the book and not exactly in for praise or trust in advance. He left Glitzy to look over the plane with Mortinsen and grilled me for a couple of hours on flight procedure, aerodynamics and all that stuff. It was hard work getting that into my head, but it stayed there. Not like the crap I had to learn in school. In the end, he wasn’t exactly overjoyed, but he did say that he might make a pilot out of me yet. From what I’ve seen of Badger, I take that as high praise.

No idea what happened for the rest of the evening. I know there was a lot of booze involved, but if you want details…no dice. But man, I really want to fly again. Won’t happen so fast, Badger will have me helping Mortinsen for now. Patience, I guess.


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