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Fishing Bowl

Fog's Audios

3rd June 2071

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Seattle’s soil may be polluted, disgusting sludge, but it feels good to be on home ground again.
Not that Boston wasn’t nice, but let’s just say it would’ve been bad to stick around much longer.
For all of us.
Rusty got in some trouble but first things first.
We went to the aquarium.
And as always, when we try to do something completely harmless, things just go south till we can see penguins facepalming at us.
Turned out the crabs weren’t that exciting, but that place had selkies. Real selkies.
Like, sentient beings. Put behind glass for their own ‘protection’ and the amusement of some tourist morons who paid 10 Nuyen.

Things escalated quickly from there. Zoe went all Sad Disney Princess and I gotta admit, it always pains me to see supernatural things suffer. It’s kinda hard to describe. There’s a certain beauty and wonder to awakened things and though selkies have a reputation to mess with longing and desire, they weren’t even in human form. They were just magic seals from a time when things were much easier; and they didn’t deserve to wither away in a fucking fish tank.
Sad story, but there was nothing we could do. I like fixing things, but this wasn’t my league.
I told Glitzy and yeah, well, knowing her and her anarchic tendencies, it was literally a matter of minutes until she bent over some contacts and got her hands on two ghost suits.
Fast forward and we ninja-ed our way into the aquarium, talked the selkies into leaving Boston with us, smuggled three sentient shapeshifters out of fucking Boston Airport after beating up some frat-boys who didn’t know how to behave…and all that without major catastrophes.

The disaster tried to catch up in a completely unrelated way, though.
Rusty had his own little job and some assholes tried to get the best of him.
They awaited us on the airfield, but in a friggin mess featuring a flare gun, a booze-filled Supersoaker and a team of runners who got the attention of a lot of bad Karma.
That was really…weird. Sorry, there’s no other word for it.
I almost pity that poor ork who tried to deck me but instead had to run, after his whole team fell victim to extraordinary bad luck.
Was kinda nice, though, to be on the other end of things for a change.

The selkies have a new home and Zoe still got a crush on one of them. I hope she gets over it. Relationships like those tend to end ugly. Those guys and girls look like us if they want to, but they’re something different.
It’s this two worlds thing. It may work out, I’m the last one who doesn’t believe in this crap, but odds are if she keeps it up, she’ll end up in a watery grave.

[End Audio]


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