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 +==== Harry Flamboyance Brown ====
 +[[http://​​photos/​63048007@N08/​6170210433/​|{{ :​wiki:​npcs:​flamboyance.jpeg?​200|}}]]
 +Harry “Flamboyance” Brown runs the bar at [[Rikki’s Rathole]] and works at the [[magic terms#​mt_t|talismonger]] shop together with [[Elsie]].
 +He’s not tall, but heavily build and he cultivates a very unique look with shoulder-length hair, a beard any dwarf would be proud of, muscle-shirt,​ buckled pants, heavily boots and a very fetching bright blue bowler hat. If you annoy him too much, he might just eviscerate you with his finger-armor rings. Or he may do pretty much the same with a scathing remark.
 +He does know what he’s selling, though, and if you are looking for rare books or a special talisman, then you could do worse than Harry.
 +The bar is not all that well frequented, but they do have regular customers. If you don’t mind the occasional rat (what, you thought the name was a joke?) then it’s a place to get drunk without getting into trouble.
 +-> [[Rikki'​s Rathole]]
 +{{tag> NPC human mage hermetic magic_user Flamboyance}}
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