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Rusty's Vlog

18th March 2071

camera activates, Rusty’s sitting on his bed and throws a tennis ball for his AmStaff to catch. You can hear the thud of the ball and the panting of the dog, the camera wobbles a bit every time Rusty throws the ball. He looks like Christmas came early and he got the one thing he had been wishing for all year.

Saphira has asked me if I’d be interested in learning to fly. She has partnered up with a small firm that transfers small, used plains and I could work there as a pilot. I said yes, of course. This is way too good to pass up. The pay’s above anything I ever earned before and that’s as a rookie pilot. If it works out, I’ll be ready for Brigit to come and live with me.

But even if the pay wasn’t great, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Fuck, I get to fly a plane. And I get to see something else than Seattle. I’ve never even been across the border into the NAN and this could mean going a lot further. It’s not exactly the safest job of the world, though, what with the second hand planes. But shit, it’s not like I live a safe life anyway. At least no-one will try to kill me. I hope.

There might be some extra money in smuggling. We’ll see about that, I’ll decide that once I know the ropes. Saphira pays for half of the training and I get a fake SIN – that’s a big fat bonus right there. I need to come up with a name. Hm.

I have no idea why Saphira coughs up all that money for me. She says she likes to invest into people. Good philosophy, I guess. I just hope she gets her money’s worth with me. I’ve got to learn a ton and all that math and physics stuff is fucking hard. I can mess around on her flight simulator, that helps. No idea how often I crashed the plane, but I actually managed to land it once already in one piece.


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