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 +==== Fools Rush In ====
 +===Fog'​s Audio===
 +**15th March 2071**
 +[Start Audio]
 +[no time stamp]
 +Ain’t no rest for the wicked, I guess. \\
 +I got around the Nest, met a few people, made the impression of the decent fella I am. \\
 +Had time to sort some things out. \\
 +Guess it was about time to fence that loot and check on [[Screech]] as well. \\
 +Talking about old times and killing the fine whisky I’ve stolen. That old badger of an [[ork]] doesn’t get out often these days. He used to run the Zone like us, but age and radiation caught up with him. Now he sits in a shoebox in the [[squatter_s_mall|Mall]],​ coordinates his pool of idiots brave and/or stupid enough to go salvaging in [[Glow City]] and sells hardware. \\
 +Still a tough bastard. Got no idea how he managed to keep that explosion of hair and beard of his through chemo. \\
 +Maybe he skinned a [[dwarf]] or something… \\
 +Shit, gotta catch that call, gimme a Sec… \\
 +[End Audio]
 +[Start Audio]
 +[no time stamp]
 +As a rule of Thumb: \\
 +Think first, then fucking act. \\
 +‘Good call, kid. Give yoself some cred, though. That one button you got, got pushed fuckin’ hard.’ \\
 +That’s Screech. Say hello, old man. \\
 +’You’re seriously messed up, Fog.’ \\
 +Yeah, we both are, after this little intermission,​ I guess. \\
 +That metaphoric button…didn’t think It’d make me such a tool. \\
 +Turned out the last time I was here, some Gypsy overheard that I was talking about potential customers for our next run and a certain luxury good involved. I maybe even dropped some numbers… \\
 +And yes, don’t look at me like that, I KNOW this is a hardware store and not friggin Candyland, but you don’t got that black book o’yours for nothing, right? \\
 +Anyway, the Gypsy beat the living shit outta Screech here, until he caved in and called me. \\
 +Told me he had a lead on [[Rook]]. \\
 +I sat on my dirtbike before he even had time to hang up. \\
 +Finally! \\
 +Finally I’d had a good shot at finding her. \\
 +If I wasn’t so desperate, I might’ve noticed how Screech had a clearly more muffled and stressed out voice than usual. How he sublty tried to warn me. \\
 +I was in jittery endorphine mode until I -much too late – realized something was off. \\
 +No Ork, no shotgun under the counter and three Gypsies walking in on me… \\
 +Yeah, right. \\
 +I have some rough guidelines to check before I get into trouble. And taking on three Gypsies in a bareknuckle fight kinda breaks my scale. \\
 +So I ran. I’m good at that. \\
 +Contingency,​ however, is open source. \\
 +They brought a [[ramrod|troll]] who guarded the backdoor. \\
 +Nice way to realize your guardian angel just quit his job. \\
 +‘More like he gave you the finger after he crapped on your desk, if ya ask me.’ \\
 +Thanks for that image, chummer… \\
 +I took a beating from a [[troll]] once and lemme tell you, when those guys get serious about it, I’d rather have angry-sex with a jackhammer than run through that experience again. \\
 +‘Jeez…and you complain about my imagery?​!’ \\
 +I didn’t…whatever…I took a dive and he only gently pat me, so I got away with a cracked rib or two and rolled into the storage room. \\
 +There I had the exit…and Screech, all tied up and bruised like shit. \\
 +Cosidering my fight or flight protocols, all bets are off when my people are at stake. \\
 +Won’t abandon my kin, no matter the odds. \\
 +I grabbed a buggy, hauled the old ork’s ass onto it and tried to get away. \\
 +No way out now though. Cornered, outnumbered… \\
 +‘Ha, and he was all like: Fuck, Screech! Where are the grenades?! And I was like: Mpph-mmph-mpph,​ ’cause I was still gagged. Grenades…get your shit together, Fog…’ \\
 +Hey, I was kinda under pressure there… \\
 +Life throws stuff at you, so friggin use it. \\
 +Words I remember very fondly. \\
 +That huge gas tank over there? Might be a good leverage for a deal. Or at least I’d take down some assholes with me. \\
 +I swear to all spirits…the look on their faces when I opened the valves and pulled out my lighter? \\
 +Priceless. \\
 +Even went through the troll’s thick skull that he’d better stop trying to punch me. \\
 +Going down in a blaze of pain and fire didn’t seem too appealing to them. \\
 +A draw. Not bad for someone running on empty against four guys, right? \\
 +We talked. Turned out they were only here to chip in to the run. \\
 +I made an arrangement everyone could agree on. \\
 +Sometimes, all it takes to make ends meet is the threat of a horrible fiery death and everything’s fine. \\
 +‘Ballsy move, I’ll give you that. Didn’t think we’d made it outta there in one piece.’ \\
 +Cheers to the winners then, old man… \\
 +[End Audio]
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Adventure_Log Fog'​s_Audio Fog Screech}}
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