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 +==== Fresh Meat ====
 +===Neil'​s Journal===
 +**9th March 2071**
 +The [[clinic]] works out surprisingly well so far, with [[Chelsea]]‘s soup kitchen as a front. I picked up some new people there today, a couple of kids who brought their girlfriends along in the hope that we could take care of them during their withdrawal. Not that the clinic doesn’t have enough room, but we have no-where enough staff for that kind of shit. I don’t know what their plan was, to leave the girls here and pick them up a week later all nice and clean? Yeah, right.
 +One of the girls mentioned that they have no place to stay and I offered a container at the Nest. Because, frankly, we can use the money. I may regret this, after all I don’t know anything about them, but it’s not like anyone in the Nest has passed some kind of test to move in. The test comes later.
 +Some antibiotics and a treatment for crabs later they were ready to move in and the girls were already crashing hard. [[Zach]], the kid with, I have to admit, a good taste in cars and a fairly severe [[Snuff]] addiction didn’t look that much better. He seemed a bit distracted and flinchy during the check-up, even for someone who’s going cold turkey. Whatever that was about. [[Fog]] and [[Jet]] seem to be in much better shape – luckily, because someone has to take care of the girls and Zach. I certainly am not going to babysit all the time and the rest of us have something better to do as well. Oh, and speaking of Fog: he’s [[magic|Awakened]],​ but I don’t know in what way. Not something to discuss on the first date.
 +I gave them the nickel tour of the Nest, including the usual ‘there are less rat [[magic|shamans]] than you think and no, [[Eric]] isn’t a [[ghoul]]’-spiel. I have to admit, I’ve started to use Eric as a sort of test: if people don’t have any problems with him, they tend to fit well into the Nest. The kids passed that one. When we were done, Fog asked where the catch was. It all sounds way too good to be true. Well. They’ll find out soon enough that living at the Nest comes with a price that’s a bit higher than just the 400NY for the container.
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Neil'​s_Journal Adventure_Log Neil Zach Fog Stanley Jet Nebraska Eric}}
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