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This Elf is freshly imported from Europe, probably Germany.
Completely on her own and stranded in Seattle, she signed to the next best promising gig. The war for Tempo made a lot of gangs reconsider their strict hiring policies and since the Blood Rumblers couldn’t afford to turn down a kick-ass driver for her pointy ears at the moment, Frettchen stumbled her way into the ranks of crime’s Major League.
It doesn’t take long to get that she’s a few cans short of a sixpack and if you ask the other Rumblers about her, you get –apart from a creative variety of racial slurs- the full range from loudmouth and troubleseeker to thrilljunkie and a just batshit crazy elf-chick as the most accurate descriptions.
Most will give her that she at least has the chrome and the skills to make up for it.

July 2071

Her relationship with the Blood Rumblers was short lived, but that was to be expected.
After a Minimart smashing spree, the gang booted her out. The run itself was beautifully executed and paid for a shipment of weapons for the Rumblers, but the backlash was probably a bit much.
Much to her own surprise, she now works at Neil Munroe’s shadow clinic/hospital and even managed to reunite with her husband!
Yeah, get that outta your system…

December 2071

Frettchen leaves Seattle for a second honeymoon with Slicer. Also, to avoid getting arrested for the murder of two nazis who murdered Ruckus' brothers.

January 2073

The triumphant return of Frettchen. She no longer works at the clinic ((having the cops come look for you is frowned upon, apparently), but in good news, Slicer has secured a new house, a lookout tower in Renton


[Recording Session, Session ID SEA#0002]
Pale blue light flickers and creeps through the inside of a Van. The place could be called comfy, but it’s a hopeless mess of clothes, cables and spare parts at the moment.
‘Goodday, Doc. How are you?’
A tall, lean elf sits cross legged in front of the trideo and the flickering image of a bald man in a worn out tweed jacket.
‘I’m fine, Miss Aidee. Are you ready for today’s session?’, he asks and lifts his notepad with an encouraging smile.
‘Yes, let’s get this over with…’, the woman answers, rolling her amber eyes.
‘Excellent. So, tell me, how is Seattle treating you, have you settled in yet?’
‘It’s not too bad. I miss the good kind of punks, everyone over here is either an asshole or a racist asshole and people keep calling me Ferret because they’re too stupid to make a proper ch-sound… But yeah, I’m happy enough to be alive after the, uh, mess at home.’
The therapist makes notes, silently scribbling and visibly annoying his conversational partner.
‘Very good’, he concludes, but raising a brow. ‘So you have found a new job, yes?’
‘Kind of.’, she dodges.
‘Nothing shady, I hope. That is not a healthy fresh start, Miss Aidee.’
‘Yeah, yeah… I know. It’s what I’m good at, though. I mean, it’s my conscience, Doc, right?’
Her answer turned out to be more defensive than she intended. ‘Sorry, sorry…I’ll behave and stuff.’
‘I’m not here to push you, I am here to give you counsel and good advice, miss Aidee. From what I’ve gathered, you’re good at many more things, why not make a living out of those?’, he suggests.
‘Because those are boring. Can we talk about something else, please?’
‘Of course…’ the doctor flips a page and gives the green-haired elf a stern look. ‘Have you “called” DocWagon recently?’
Frettchen seems to struggle a bit. ‘Yes…Maybe?’
The doctor sighs. ‘And there I thought we were making progress. I don’t have to remind you that tapping into emergency frequencies AND disturbing them is illegal. So I just inform you that we have to start over if you want to successfully overcome this issue.’
‘Oh for fuck’s sake…’, she groans. ‘Not this again. I should’ve never have downloaded you…’
‘If you aren’t satisfied, Miss Aidee, you can always call customer service. Until then I must ask: if you would truly think your purchase was a mistake, why do you still consult me?’
She gives the virtual shrink a long, frustrated glare, but then clears her throat. ‘Guess because you are the only one I don’t need to lie to. Feels good to just talk for a change without making shit up.’
‘Do you want to conclude this session?’, he asks politely.
‘Will I see you next session?’
‘We’ll see about that, doc.’, she says, grinning and switching of the trideo.

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