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Fruit King

Fog's Audios

8th March 2071

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And boy, what a night that’s been.
If I get my shit together correctly, we got to the club, tricked our way in backstage, grabbed all the booze we could and let the our bodies hit the floor.
After a while, and that was even before the drugs, Blood of the fucking Buffalo invited us to the VIP area,
Confronting us with our little scam and nice camera shots of us collecting his new shit.
All nice and noble, though, no broken bones or worse.
Hell, he even wanted to give us a job!
After we were escorted back to the rabble, we partied hard.
Drugs…yeah…can’t say I never tripped.
But I prefer to feel all fine and powerful by myself, thank you.
Once in a while, though?
Don’t regret this trip!
The last time I could see the astral space…pretty long ago. You see things you’d never believe or understand…you see the world, life itself, breathe; sense the true and honest feelings of those around you.
Words aren’t enough, that I can tell ya.
Tempo threw in some nice multi-sensory hallucinations, too.
These tiny crystals gave me a healthy, green world of vines, flowers and trees.
No ruins, no stench and misery.
No walls, no boundaries.
Just me and Zoé, floating through this one-night paradise.
Oh, yeah, shoulda mention that… and sorry for breaking this poetic moment: we kinda hooked up for tonight. I think she digs my action hero attitude, or at least that’s what people expect from an adept.
Was nice waking up next to someone again.
‘specially if you’re in the luxury backstage area of a club, surrounded by finest fruit.
So, I’m gonna put on my pineapple crown and will, with all due dignity, go to the showers now.
Fruit King out.

[End Audio]


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