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 +==== Fruit King ====
 +===Fog'​s Audios===
 +**8th March 2071**
 +[Start Audio]
 +[no time stamp]
 +And boy, what a night that’s been. \\
 +If I get my shit together correctly, we got to the club, tricked our way in backstage, grabbed all the booze we could and let the our bodies hit the floor. \\
 +After a while, and that was even before the drugs, [[First Nations|Blood of the fucking Buffalo]] invited us to the VIP area,  \\
 +Confronting us with our little scam and nice camera shots of us collecting his new shit. \\
 +All nice and noble, though, no broken bones or worse. \\
 +Hell, he even wanted to give us a job! \\
 +After we were escorted back to the rabble, we partied hard. \\
 +Drugs…yeah…can’t say I never tripped. \\
 +But I prefer to feel all fine and powerful by myself, thank you. \\
 +Once in a while, though? \\
 +Don’t regret this trip! \\
 +The last time I could see the astral space…pretty long ago. You see things you’d never believe or understand…you see the world, life itself, breathe; sense the true and honest feelings of those around you. \\
 +Words aren’t enough, that I can tell ya. \\
 +[[Tempo]] threw in some nice multi-sensory hallucinations,​ too. \\
 +These tiny crystals gave me a healthy, green world of vines, flowers and trees. \\
 +No ruins, no stench and misery. \\
 +No walls, no boundaries. \\
 +Just me and [[Zoé]], floating through this one-night paradise. \\
 +Oh, yeah, shoulda mention that… and sorry for breaking this poetic moment: we kinda hooked up for tonight. I think she digs my action hero attitude, or at least that’s what people expect from an [[magic|adept]]. \\
 +Was nice waking up next to someone again. \\
 +‘specially if you’re in the luxury backstage area of a club, surrounded by finest fruit. \\
 +So, I’m gonna put on my pineapple crown and will, with all due dignity, go to the showers now. \\
 +Fruit King out. \\
 +[End Audio]
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Adventure_Log Fog'​s_Audio Fog Zoé}}
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