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 +==== FUBAR ====
 +===Rusty'​s Vlog===
 +**23rd March 2071**
 +//camera activates, [[Rusty]]’s sitting on what seems to be a bunk bed. He looks tense and it’s easy to hear that he’s afraid. The scar he used to have is gone and he hasn’t shaved for a couple of days.//
 +Man, we really got in over our heads with the [[maria_magdalene|Sanatorium]] run. It was total chaos, although they did get [[Ela]] and some other girls out. I got a bus from the [[Nest]] and we took them to the [[clinic]]. It seems that the fucking mayor and some other big names were using the Sanatorium as their private playground, apart from all the other sick stuff going on there. And the deal was: we keep quiet about it and they let the girls go. Yeah. Like that was going to work out.
 +It all went to hell when [[Zach]] fucking called one of those guys. He was hit over the head by some [[matrix|black ice]], I guess, and they had a trace on our position. He tried to pass it off as being sick from eating some bad clams, for fuck’s sake. I don’t know what he was trying to do except get us all caught, but I really hope he just wasn’t thinking clearly. Whatever, the shit had hit the fan and we went into hiding. I don’t know where [[Fog]] and the others are and I don’t want to know. I met with [[Unwired]] and they reported what happened in the Sanatorium after Zach called them when he and the others got out. They were caught, only a matter of time I suppose. I’m going to keep away from the others because I’m sure Unwired will give me up sooner or later.
 +[[Glitzy]] invited me to stay with her. She already has [[Sister Mary]] staying with her. Glitzy has a [[magic terms#​mt_w|ward]] in her bunker and that’s where I’m staying, keeping Sister Mary company, at least until the [[spirit]] the other runners send for us has given up. We have enough to talk about anyway and I can practice flying. It helps to forget for a moment how deep I am in trouble. If the guys who caught Unwired find me or the others, we’re dead, I don’t kid myself that we have a chance in hell to get out of that alive. Fuck. I just want this all to be over, but it won’t be, not for some time.
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag>​Rusty'​s_Vlog Adventure_Log Rusty Zach Glitzy Sister_Mary Unwired}}
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