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Fun in Fort Lewis

Slicer's Log

10th December 2071

I let myself get hired for a job by Zach, along with Ruckus, Sam and Nebraska. A friend of Zach’s, Ann33, got fucked over by a rich douchebag – he caused an accident where she and her father got seriously hurt and then threw money at his attorneys until they made the problem go away. Not Annie and her parents want to fuck him over right back. He got protection from Karl Fedderson for some reason and our job is to find out why and to ruin Asshole McDouchebag.

Since we will have to break into the servers of the Dictrict Attorney’s office for that, we’re taking a detour. Annie’s dad used to work as a techie in Fort Lewis and knows about some fancy ICE that should help us, so yeah, we’re breaking into Fort Lewis, in the Data Vault there. I kinda always wanted to do that. Break into a military base, not Fort Lewis in particular. But as bases go, it’s one of the easier ones because there is a LOT of public access.

I took Sam there and after letting a recruiter go through his spiel for the boy – you know, he keeps getting in trouble and his mom just doesn’t know what to do, we hope the Army will teach him some discipline – I asked if it would be at all possible to show Sam an actual tank. It was. He got to ride in a tank and I filmed the whole thing while definitely not paying close attention to the Data Vault that’s right next door to the training area.

Zach threw together a simulation for us to practice in and he did an impressive job. Okay, yeah, at one point the trees started firing on us, but on the whole it was very good. Useful for getting oriented and for becoming something resembling a team and not just a handful of people thrown together.

We went in as people on a camping trip, with our gear hidden away in the smuggling compartment of my pickup. Frettchen agreed to be our driver for that part of the trip, to Zach’s horror. They have … history. Frettchen stabbed him and Zach thinks she’s a psychotic murderer. I think he’s exaggerating.

He actually asked her why she stabbed him and she gave him some bullshit story because of course she did. And showed him the clip of her driving the garbage truck into that Nazi bar. No idea why but Zach went offline after that. Like someone has clocked him … which Frettchen almost did when he told her to shut up, twice. I caught her and let me tell you, Zach owes me for that because I really don’t like going between Frettchen and anyone she wants to hit.

But I had the feeling that we needed Zach’s head intact for the job. After steak and marshmallows, we went for a hike and left the beaten track to sneak up on the Data Vault.


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