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 +====Gen Wong====
 +[[http://​​photos/​jadis1958/​5421101621/​|{{ :​wiki:​npcs:​gen_wong.jpg?​200|}}]]
 +Gen is a small-time vendor at the Rat’s [[Nest]]. He’s [[Lou Wong]]’s uncle.
 +**April 2071**
 +Gen Wong turned to be a rat [[magic|shaman]] and the one who stole the money from the [[clinic]], [[Aillén]] O’Brian and the [[Rat Express]], plus some other people who’d rather not talk about it (cough[[Monkeywrench]]cough). When he was found out, he tried to run but was cornered by [[Neil]]. The fight was harsh and Neil only won at the last moment, before a spirit summoned by Gen could finish him off. Neil shot Gen and the spirit freed itself, killing Gen’s astral body.
 +Gen has left the Nest some surprises, like [[Ningbo]] who is still under a spell and believes that Neil should be removed from power (and possibly life).
 +{{tag> human NPC Nest_people dead}}
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