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Ghost Dance War

The Ghost Dance War was a conflict between the USA and Canada and what became the NAN, from 2014-2018.

The Native American Nations protested against the ongoing confiscation of their land and the mistreatment of their people, with no reaction from the governments of both the US and Canada as usual except the establishment of re-education centers. Soon, a major part of the Native population was held prisoner in these camps.

Instead of caving under the pressure, the Native population declared the foundation of the NAN under the leadership of shaman Daniel Howling Coyote and demanded that all non-Natives be removed from the continent. Instead of trying to match the technology of the USA and Canada, the NAN used magic and guerilla tactics and were very successful. The US answered this with Executive Order 17-321, basically the genocide of all Native tribes in the US.

Threatened with this, Howling Coyote performed the Great Ghost Dance Ritual that caused four volcanoes, Mts. Hood, Rainier, St. Helens, and Adams, to erupt simultaneously. Faced with what was the magical counterpart to a nuclear first strike, the US and Canada conceded and the war ended in the Treaty of Denver. Wide parts of both the US and Canada were given to the NAN and the UCAS was created as a result in 2030.


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