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Neil's Journal

19th December 2070

It sucks being right. Faye and the others are in the same state as Snake and we cannot get them offline. Let’s hope we can bring them all back.

I spoke to Eric, Gilettes and Slicer, we have to decide now what to do with them in case they really are infected. All three chose to be killed if it comes to that. I really wish it won’t and if it does, I hope it happens slowly. The last thing we need right now is a freshly turned ghoul on a rampage. In theory, the medpacks should inject them with enough sedatives to knock them out the minute the infection sets in. But I cannot guarantee that this will work with a rapid transformation.

Killing them will be my job of course, it’s my responsibility. But I felt that I needed a backup plan, so I talked to Growler about it and he agreed to do it if I wasn’t around for some reason. He’s not happy about it. Welcome to the club.

I’m afraid I really messed up. No, I know I did and I’ve known it for years, ever since I decided to keep the whole story with John to myself. I just didn’t have the courage to tell Growler and it didn’t exactly get easier the longer I kept silent about it. I let it slip when I talked to him this evening and I have to admit, I’m glad it came out. I just wish I’d told him sooner. Growler has always trusted me implicitly and he had always had my back. Although he didn’t really say anything, he obviously was hurt when he found out that I had been keeping this secret for years now. What’s done is done, though. I can’t change it and I’ll have to live with it.


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