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 +==== Gilettes ====
 +[[http://​​2010/​10/​dvd-rec.html|{{ :​wiki:​npcs:​gilettes.jpg?​200|}}]]
 +Gilettes is a member of the [[Scrappers]],​ one of the best drivers they have and maybe the person with the best knowledge of smuggling routes in the [[Barrens]] in the [[Nest]]. In a fight, he prefers to use his finger blades and unfortunately,​ he tends to faint at the sight of his own blood, but only if it’s pointed out to him – not that there’s much time for that in a fight. He’s in his twenties.
 +[[Growler]] and [[Neil]] have picked him as the man they’d like to see take over from Growler one day, although they haven’t exactly told Gilettes about that. He has be tasked with organising the Scrappers who will guard the [[clinic]].
 +-> [[Scrappers]]
 +{{tag> Gilettes NPC human Scrapper smuggler Nest_people}}
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