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Going Coastal

Neil's Journal

27th April 2071

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It all kinda found its rhythm, I guess.
After I got back from my field trip all were in relatively good shape and our sanatorium stunt slowly but surely seemed to cool down. Guess even a mayor can pay his deniable assets for hunting phantoms for that long.
Zach’s still blind because he rubbed his AI parasite the wrong way or something like that. I’m more a hardware than a matrix guy, if you know what I mean…and even though Neil and Glitzy tried to fill me in on stuff I probably only got half of it. Also, I’d rather not know about urban horror decker facts that sound a lot like Echo Mirage, Otaku and all that ghost in the machine stuff.
Neil says he’s doing okay and whatever he suffers from is psychosomatic..which is smartspeak for ’he’s perfectly fine, but believes otherwise’.
Ela and Dawn have made themselves at home in Glitzy’s garden, in a treehouse. Seems cozy enough and the thought alone brings a smile to your face. Can’t help it, sorry…
I guess I’m moving back to the Nest these days, I’m paying rent for that container after all.

Buuut business first. Yep, reality caught up with our little bubble kingdom.
Glitzy already told me about her dwindling Nuyen while we had a break from training. Kinda hard to believe as she told me in the same breath she had a yacht…
So why not add some fun to a serious talk?
Kinda like a family trip, featuring Glitzy, Neil, Ela, Dawn, Zach and me, all literally in one boat, sailing at ridiculous speed through Seattle’s bay and beyond.
Our matrix surfer didn’t take that too well, he even almost got flushed out but the rest of us had a blast. Been a while since I’ve had my last dose of salt water and it felt friggin’ good to be out with the waves again.

During a break, Glitzy told us what’s going on.
Troubling stuff, someone ripped off the Nest’s people, draining money from some of our most important hubs.
She also said we’re dealing with mind magic here. And we’re not talking about the well-behaved Jedi stuff.
The people involved don’t remember shit or claim they’d have taken the money without knowing why or where it went. Putting an end to this seems like a good thing to do, right? But how do you track someone that elusive?
It’s with magic, ladies and gentlemen.
Neil had tried to read the astral signature, but something was off with that, he couldn’t quite put a finger on it.
Though, a signature is a signature, right?
We tried to track it with a spirit and even that seemed confused but came back with good intel anyway.
Right now, I’m buckling up for my very own undercover ops to infiltrate the Green Nymph.
Nope, not shooting porn, I just need to get to that talismonger to check if that’s the thief we’re looking for.
Let’s see how that works out for me…

[End Audio]


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