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 +==== Grand Rapids ====
 +Grand Rapids is the biggest city in the area, which isn’t saying much. But if you’re looking for a quiet place to live, then there are worse places you could chose. Farmer’s market every weekend, the Great Lakes right around the corner, low crime rates, a good place for raising children.
 +**June 2071**
 +After the RV got damaged by a tornado and by an enraged bison, the group exchanges it for a new one at the local dealership. They use the downtime for a visit at [[six_flags_great_lakes|Six Flags Great Lakes]] and spend the evening drinking at various bars. This results in [[Nebraska]] getting arrested for prostitution,​ [[Zoé]] gets laid and [[Fog]], [[Stanley]] and [[Jet]] get to know Madame Esme a bit better.
 +[[http://​​maps/​5JHlV|get directions to Grand Rapids]]
 +-> [[UCAS]]
 +-> [[Roadtrip ]]
 +{{tag> roadtrip UCAS UCAS_location Grand_Rapids}}
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