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View From a Scrying Glass

15th July 2071

The group makes their way down towards the shore and enter a small copse of trees. One after the other, they simply sit down and close their eyes, seem to fall asleep. From the treetops, freakishly slender creatures with oily black skin climb down and begin to cover them with cobwebs. After a while, Stanley wakes up, then Nebraska, Jet and then Fog, all fairly distressed and even more when they discover that they have been put in a cocoon. At least they woke up soon enough that the threads are easily broken. The creatures have hidden again, just out of sight. Zach is still asleep and Fog uses Jet’s pocket dragon to get the cobwebs off of him. Zach wakes up screaming and Nebraska, who has been barely keeping it together, runs off deeper into the woods. They catch up with her on a clearing and for the first time, they spot the creatures, hiding behind the trees. Fog makes it clear that the creatures are to leave them alone, on pain of pain and they seem to understand. At least, they let the group go.

They have come up with a plan: Fog will try to talk to Ytong. He thinks that the spirit might be able to find his way back, since he wasn’t born a toxic spirit. To make it extra convincing, they need another one of Baba Yaga’s apples. So they use the mirror to call on her, a call she answers using a bowl filled with water. It takes some negotiations but in the end Baba Yaga agrees to give them an apple and even bring it round in exchange for some of Stanley’s future memories. He allows her to chose whatever she likes, as long as it is not more than one day and one night. As insurance in case they all die, she takes some memories from them all and promises that they will get them back if they should survive the quest. Zach loses the memory of his sister, Nebraska of Eric, Stanley of his best friend and Fog of Kiki.

At the village with the longhouse, they meet a couple of people who are only too glad to tell them about their woes. A monster comes every night and kills anyone unwise enough to leave the house. The group promises to help, after all this is what they came for and the people of the village agree, although they do ask if they are sure.

At dusk, everyone goes inside and the group is left alone to wait. Fog gives the apple to Nebraska and asks her to make sure that Ytong eats it. Zach goes into hysterics because he does not want to put his life into Nebraska’s hands, but there’s no going back. An awful stench announces Ytong’s arrival. Fog actually gets him to listen and Nebraska actually throws the apple right into his mouth. For a moment, he dissolves into sludge, deluging the group. When he takes shape again, he seems if not convinced, then at least willing to give them a chance. He asks what they are going to do about ‘her’, pointing at the spirit formula Fog holds. The group has a ‘oh crap’-moment and Ytong vanishes, he is not going to get into this fight for them.

A thick, white fog rises from the lake quickly coming up to their knees. They climb on top of the longhouse, which now looks as if it has been abandoned for decades, in fact the whole village looks like that. There is no way out for them and all they can do is wait for the fog to rise until it swallows them.


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